Apr 01

It’s finally here…HAIR Insurance

HairAfter years of analysis and preparation, we are happy to introduce a new area of insurance protection for our wonderful customers:

HAIR Insurance – A cut above the rest!

Initially we will have 4 layers of coverage:

  • The BASIC policy will cover a bad cut/style
  • The PREFERRED policy will provide the Basic policy benefits plus coverage for bad hair coloring
  • The ULTIMATE policy will provide the Preferred policy benefits plus up to 5 favorite hair accessories (hats, barrettes, ribbons, etc.)
  • The SUPER ULTIMATE policy will provide the Ultimate policy benefits plus a “no grey guarantee” for life. That’s right, if you ever have a grey hair, we’ll cover the costs of returning your hair to its original color!

Regardless of which policy you choose, there is a Balding endorsement to cover the untimely loss of follicles (must be 52 or younger to qualify for this endorsement).

Although we plan to cover all varieties of hair in the coming months, initially, we will only be able to provide coverage for blondes due to their willingness to believe in this product.

To begin the application process, just send a recent photo of your hair (please include any hair accessories you want to include for the Ultimate policy package). This product will be available May 1st, so please be patient as we work through the high demand from this new and exciting policy offering.

As always, thank you for trusting your most important needs to All Bay Insurance Group.


Joel Meek, Agency Owner






(April Fools)