Jun 25

Appearances Can Be Deceiving


On occasion, I’ll hear someone say, “I found a cheaper quote with someone else.” With hundreds of insurance companies out there, it’s entirely likely that another company has a slightly lower premium than your current policy. But more often than not, that “cheaper quote” is actually lower because it’s missing some key coverages or options that most people wouldn’t notice…until they have a claim. Of course, at that point, it’s too late.

So, how can you avoid running into this scenario?

• First, although some companies like to suggest that insurance is so easy that a Neanderthal could do it, the fact is that there are thousands (if not millions) of coverages options. Picking (or missing) the wrong one could cost you dearly in a claim, so be very careful!
• Second, find a highly-rated and trusted insurance agent who can help ensure you have the right coverages.
• Third, make sure that agent proactively provides an annual review, as it’s important that your policies and coverages stay up-to-date as your life changes.

If you’re like most, you want Peace of Mind. But having Peace of Mind that is based on faulty information can leave you in a very dangerous place. If you have questions about your coverages, just give us a call and we’ll happily provide an honest review and let you know if anything may be missing.