Feb 22

Is your Family worth it?

FamilyBe honest…Is your Family’s well being worth $20/month?

What would happen to your Family’s Lifestyle if you died today? Would they have enough to keep their home? Would your spouse and kids have to struggle? Taking care of your Family’s well-being is so easy and affordable.

The 3 most common mistakes we’ve seen in regards to purchasing Life Insurance:

  • “I already have life insurance through work” – You should never use work life insurance for more than “extra coverage” on top of your own policy. We’re happy to discuss more, but this is a terrible mistake we’ve seen time and time again, leaving a family in a mess.
  • “I don’t want to think about death” – It’s not about death…it’s about loving your family enough to take care of them after you’re gone.
  • “I don’t really need it right now” – Life Insurance costs the least when you’re young and healthy. The best time to purchase it is now (never later)! Waiting will either cost you more, or in some cases, it may not even be available in the future.

Life Insurance Made Easy:

  • Term Insurance – This is like renting a policy for a specified period of time. The most common uses of a Term policy are to cover a mortgage and/or to provide extra coverage while kids live at home.
  • Permanent Insurance – When you want a policy for a longer period of time. Common reasons to consider a Permanent policy are Estate Tax Planning, Final Expenses, Business Continuity, and “Key Man” situations.

Regardless of your need (yes, you likely have a need), don’t put off a discussion. We care too much and want to make sure you have coverage you need…Call us today.

Joel Meek, Agency Owner

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