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Jan 14

Customer Appreciation Event & Chili Cook-off Competition

We’re very excited to announce this year’s Customer Appreciation Event, including a Chili Cook-off Competition! In addition to our annual Customer Appreciation Event, this year, we’re going to include a Chili Cook-off Competition (see below flyer for details and entry to Chili Cook-off Competition).  We’ve already confirmed that one of the guest judges will be Lynn Kessel, who …

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Sep 21

Account Executive Position

We’re growing quickly and have an opening for someone who wants to be an important part of one of the top-rated insurance agencies in the fast-growing South Shore area!  We LOVE our team members and customers and do everything in our power to provide an exceptional experience for each prospect or customer who allows us …

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Sep 11

2013 FEMA Flood Insurance Changes

There is a lot of misinformation out there (especially this week) on the coming changes to Flood Insurance October 1st.  Rather than provide a detailed summary of the changes ourselves, below are a few links directly to the FEMA Flood Insurance website with all of the changes explained. There are a few particularly “easy-to-read” 2-page …

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Aug 29

Be aware of the limits on specific items within your Property Insurance policy!

There is a rumor out there that not everyone salivates over reading their insurance policies 🙂  So, for the large majority of people who skip reading and simply file the 20-100 pages of legal verbiage in their property insurance policy, I would like to quickly highlight a few specific imitations on nearly every one of …

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Aug 28

Umbrella Insurance…why would I need that?

Although a good number of people have heard the term Umbrella Insurance, most people don’t really understand what it is or why they might need it.  An Umbrella Liability policy is a stand-alone policy that “umbrellas” over the liability of your other policies by providing a much larger amount of coverage (usually $1 Million or …

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Aug 22

What exactly is No-Fault Coverage in Florida, and is it required?

First, let me say that this is not designed to be a comprehensive or legal opinion of the no-fault law or the changes, but a quick overview of the key items someone should understand when carrying insurance and having a need to use the insurance (especially someone new to the state or someone who has …

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Aug 20

Should I have Flood Insurance if I’m not in a Flood Zone?

We hear this questions a lot, and let me first be clear that everyone’s home is located in a flood zone…the only question is, in which flood zone is it located?  Being located in the Tampa Bay area, it amazes me how many people decide against flood insurance even though we are at a high …

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Aug 20

Is Replacement Cost on Contents worth it?

Looking over your quote or policy may raise a question in your mind about whether or not you need to spend money for Replacement Cost on your Personal Property (also called Contents).  It’s a good question to ask, especially since you already have a large amount of coverage for your Personal Property listed in the …

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Aug 20

Why do I need that much coverage for my Home Insurance?

One of the most common questions we receive these days in regards to Home Insurance is, “Why do I need that much coverage for my house?”  It’s a great question to ask, so we thought it might be worthwhile to explain how the coverage amount is determined and why that amount may appear out of …

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Aug 15

Why can’t I get “sinkhole” coverage?

With more and more images and videos of sinkholes in the central Florida and Tampa Bay area, homeowners are very concerned about the possibility of a sinkhole damaging their home and having coverage for it.  Unfortunately, for those who might not yet be aware, “sinkhole” coverage has become nearly impossible to obtain in certain areas. …

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